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This company is known quite openly as a large black-market and slavery operation. They of course portray themselves as completely on the up and up, and grease the hands of local politicians enough that they run into few problems with the law. As most trade companies do, The Black Gorgons have a large fleet of ships at their command.

Much of their trade is with the mining and logging industries in the area, providing slaves for the vast amounts of labor needed. Many people question the manners they acquire their slaves, as the numbers they seem to turn up with seem to far outweigh what should be easily acquirable. Some have even gone so far as to accuse them of working with humanoid tribes, raiding small villages. Piracy is another accusation thrown against the company, although those who do point fingers usually lose them…

Contact with The Black Gorgons is quite simple at any of their official fronts, although to find any of their true dealings or persons of power may require some work.


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