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House Joracc is the de-facto rulers of Khyber Pass. They control the lifts that raise and lower small ships and goods between the two levels of the river. Because of this they have become quite wealthy and powerful in the local area. Their word is for the most part law, and while they rule mostly benevolently, many of the merchant families and other organizations dislike them for their monopoly on tolls.

House Joracc is a family of Tieflings that were some of the first to travel across the ocean to the continent. They quickly set themselves along the trade route of the mines. They spend most of their time living the high life and managing their operations in Upper Khyber Pass. The standing militia they control is 300 strong. Along with a retinue of 25 personal guards. All of them are well-equipped and bear the family symbol, a red ramshorn on a black background. Even more powerful than their militia is the reputed connections they have with the less-than-legal in the area. Rumor has it that those that cross House Joracc meet a swift and "accidental" death.

Their headquarters are located in Upper Khyber Pass. Perched on the edge of the cliff, their tower overlooks the entirety of Lower Khyber Pass. In the same compound they house roughly half of their troops and have smithies, stables and other buildings needed for their care. They also own several guard houses at entrances to the city, which they stock with a retinue of soldiers. Their most profitable facilities, however, are the lifts that raise and lower things beside the waterfall. Operated day and night these lifts can lift a small boat or a large amount of goods. Warehouses owned by the House store the goods until they can be picked up for shipment downriver.


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