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Situated next to a large waterall on the Tyn River, Khyber Pass rests atop the edge of the Khyber Plateau. It is the last city before heading into the scattered interior mining settlements that run along the river. Due to it's position on the top of the plateau, the city retains safety from the dangers of the jungle. It also enjoys a more dry, temperate climate.

Khyber Pass is inhabited by two distinct classes of people. Living in opulence are the owners of the mines to the east. This is contrasted with the many dockworkers, miners, and slaves that toil under them. House Joracc, a family of tieflings controls the huge lifts that move goods from the river above the falls to boats waiting below. They have grown quite wealthy as a result and are resented by many other groups.

The architecture above the falls is reasonably fancy, with many buildings and towers of several storys. Most prominent is the tower of House Joracc, perched direcetly on the edge of the plateau. All major temples and services are found here as well. Below the falls, however, is a stark contrast. This is where the working class lives, and consists of mostly small houses and ramshackle buildings. The only structures of note are the large warehouses used for storing the harvest from the mines. Cheap inns and taverns can be found here as well.

Places of Note

Small Arms Tavern- Found in the lower district, this tavern is known as a meeting place for any black market deals, as well as being a gathering/hiring place for less-reputable mercenaries.

Old Grogshop- Found in the lower distric, this tavern is the main inn/meeting hall for the common workers on the docks of Khyber Pass.

Pale Moon Clubhouse- Found in the upper district, this tavern serves the needs of the wealthy in Khyber Pass. It has baths, secure meeting rooms, and luxury food/accomodations.

Temple to Erathis- Found in the upper district, this temple is much larger than the others in the city. Run by a high-level dragonborn cleric it serves regular religous duties.

Tower of House Joracc- Found on the edge of the plateau in the upper district, this imposing tower looks over the city. Housing the de-facto rulers of Khyber Pass it also contains the personal mercenary force that serves as a town guard in lieu of any real government.

The Lifts and Docks- Large cranes hang over the edge of the plateau raising and lowering goods from one level of the river to another. Manned by common workers, accidents are reasonably common. Fortunately for the overseers, labor is cheap. Due to the worth of the machinery and goods, slaves are not employed on the lifts.


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