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This region of the new continent of Byzanta was founded by the nation of Corwall. Almost all settlements lie along the Tyn River. This is for fear of the great dangers found in the jungles, as well as the great difficulty in traversing through them.

While each city or village has their own trades and resources, most work in the colony comes from the rich mineral and gem deposits along the eastern plateaus. Large and small mines alike operate along the river to the east of Khyber Pass. The ore is then shipped downriver on large and small barges or sailing vessels to New Corwall for shipment to the Old World. The barges and ships then head back upriver to Rivertownwhere smaller sailing skiffs or canoes rowboats must be used to traverse the greater current upriver. This requires a reasonably active timber industry as well to build these non-reusable barges.

The majority of the region consists of dense tropical jungles. Atop the many plateaus, however, the land is much more rocky and less vegetated. Travelers rairly travel to the tops of the plateaus though, because of the difficulty in ascent and the fact that little of value is known to be up there. Near the coast salt marshes and tidal wetlands are common. The only swamp of any size is the Fogmerrow Swamp to the northwest. Waters in the area are warm and usually filled with an abundance of fish. The only exception to the hot and humid conditions are the tops of the plateaus, especially along the Khyber Plateau. Most of the moisture in the air condenses as it attempts to rise in altitude leading to a persavise fog and percipitation along any western facing cliff face.

The biggest dangers of the area are environmental in nature, sickness-inducing water, stifling heat, stinging insects. The denizens of the jungles also pose a real risk, from mundane crocodiles, to ancient primordial beasts. Although technically illegal in New Corwall, slavehunters roam the river and jungles looking for any weak prey that they can sell to the mine operators to the east. There have even been reports of ancient ruined civilizations in the deep jungles, holding great risk, and possibly reward. Humanoid tribes of goblins and gnolls also make their home in the area, as well as beings which have no name in the Old World.

The ancient history of the region is only partially known. It is known that at one time the plateaus of the area were actually islands, and what is now jungle was the ocean floor. This was millenia ago, so no common records were kept. Recently, the nation of Corwall has established the city of New Corwall here about 10 years ago. The inner cities have grown up reasonably fast, although just as many have failed. New immigrants continue to come from the old world looking for fame and fortune here, but many times find just the opposite.


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