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The largest trading company in the region, The South Sea Trading Company is responsible for most of the trade between the two continents. Their huge, technologically advanced ships were the first ones to be able to traverse teh vast ocean. This was due largely in part to a team of wizards who have devised incredible navigation aids that allow the almost precise  measurement of position and velocity, as well as their policy of sending an acolyte wizard along with every ship to replenish food and water stores.

Today, they handle most of the trading done outside of the Tyn River. Ferrying metals, gems, and treasures back to the old kingdom, and bringing settlers and manufactured goods to the colony. They are very close to the government of Corwall and are generally considered the most legal and incorruptible organizations in the region.

Their main offices are found in New Corwall, but have several outposts and drydocks all along the mouth of the river. Currently, they are reporting having increased problems with pirates, and are always on the lookout for capable ship captains to go pirate hunting in their name.


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