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The world of Actium consists of two main continents, Eris the Old World, and Byzanta the New. The civilization has just gained the technology to create ocean sailing vessels capable enough to discover the new continent. Because of this, each nation has sent a flood of ships and settlers to explore and settle these new lands.

One of these nations is Corwall, a sterotypical human-led nation of kings and lords. Setting up New Corwall on an island in the mouth of the Tyn River, they hope to make a foothold in this hostile land.

Major commodities that are exported from the continent are mainly ores and gems mined from the eastern plateaus. Relics and artifacts from ancient civilizations also fetch a high price back in the Old World, as do exotic flora and fauna. Slavery is banned in the Corwallian empire, however, apart from New Corwall proper, very little enforcement is possible.

A general mix of races is present in the world, with humans being exceptionally prolific.


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